Stick Curtain Wall System

Frame supporting curtain wall refers to facade being supported by metal frame (aluminum, steel etc.), which are the most complicated and applied type. They can be classified as double-skin, unitized, semi-unitized, stick curtain wall etc.

Stick Curtain Wall System

All the constituent components in embedded bracket systems, support frame systems and sheet systems, if installed on construction piece by piece successively, are called structural member type curtain wall.
Structural member type curtain wall has the virtue of being flexible and simple on system configuration, and also highly adaptable and economic, which is especially suitable for shaped, complex building facade, such as triangular and irregular polygon curtain wall, space folding surface curtain wall, convex-concave elevation curtain wall, double-curved faces walls and so on. It flexibly adopts glass, metal plate, stone and artificial plates as its finish materials.
Each type of structural member type glass curtain wall of Yuanda has its own unique technical advantages as well as the following common characteristics:
●Curtain wall components are separated by the use of non-metallic washer to avoid hard contact. Connections between transoms and mullions, mullions and mullions are movable connections with high plane deformation and aseismatic performance which are highly adjustable under the conditions of inter-level drift and temperature-induced deformation without creating additional stress and friction noise.
●Curtain wall embedded bracket systems can realize three-dimensional adjustment in all directions, which is easy for installation and with a strong ability to absorb construction deviation, and also the efficient and accurate installation with a sound quality can be easily achieved.
●It is easy and flexible for installation; and it is easy to replace, repair and maintain.



Stick Glass Curtain Wall

It is the structural member type glass curtain wall as its finish material. According to the frame appearance style, it can be classified into structural member type concealed frame glass curtain wall, structural member type semi-concealed frame curtain wall, structural member type exposed frame glass curtain wall, as well as structural member type exposed concealed frame mixed glass curtain wall and so on. Different system structures shall be adopted for different styles, and each style has its own unique technical characteristics.

Frame Concealed Glass Stick Curtain Wall

Horizontal and vertical frames of curtain wall are both invisible hidden within the decorative sheets. Glass is connected to the glass sub-frame through the structural silicone adhesive. The sub frames are fixed to the horizontal and vertical frames through mechanic connection. The main technical features of the system are as follows:
●Curtain wall glass is attached to the sub-frames through structural sealant. The sophisticated processes and quality assurance systems can effectively control the environment quality of plant-specific for sealant in shop, to ensure that structural sealant is of sound quality, safe and reliable.
●Glass sub-frame is fixed to the aluminum alloy frame through the use of special purposed lock block, screws and nuts. Measures are taken to prevent loose and ensure a safe connection and system security;
●Glass lock block is accurately positioned and installed in the prefabricated rabbet in the horizontal and vertical frame to ensure the installation accuracy and quality; with fixed-distance-style, the glass lock block is tightly pressed to ensure the glass surface flatness and will not produce installation stress after fastening.



Frame Exposed and Frame Semi-concealed Glass Stick Curtain Wall

The curtain wall glass of this type of curtain wall is fixed to the curtain wall keel through its outside long pressure plate and the decorative capping covers the pressure plate from the outside. View from outdoor, it's like that the keel of the curtain wall is exposed outside the glass. The elevation appearance effect can be enhanced through changes in the form of decorative cover.
The main technical features of exposed and semi-concealed frame curtain wall system of Yuanda are as follows:
●Two layers of seals are formed at the inside and outside of the glass where in contact with the pressure plate by respectively setting a complete and continuous sealing structure to ensure sealing performance and water resistance of the system.
●Glass pressure plate is connected stably by screws to the main keel. And the glass is fixed to the main keel by use of fixed-distance-type clamping measure to achieve the effective control of flatness of the glass installation without creating installation stress.
●Heat insulation measures are adopted at connection position between glass clamp and the main keel to stop internal and external heat transfer, and improve effectively the thermal performance of the system.
●The degree of tightness at the connection between glass clamp and decorative cover plate is adjustable, which not only ensures stable clipping and convenient installation, but also can avoid looseness of cover plate and making noise.



Structural Member Type Metal Sheet Stick Curtain Wall

Metal sheet stick curtain wall includes aluminum solid sheet curtain wall, aluminum composite curtain wall, aluminum honeycomb curtain wall, steel sheet curtain wall and stainless steel sheet curtain wall etc. All kinds of metal sheets are fixed by connecting component to the main keel; the fix method will be different due to the difference of panel type. Metal sheet curtain wall comprises of two different structural systems: closed and open systems. All different kinds of structural systems are applicable to metal sheet curtain wall in double-skin, unitized and semi-unitized curtain wall system.


Closed Metal Sheet Curtain Wall

Metal sheet joint shall be applied sealant; there is no sealing structure in the internal of curtain wall. The main technical characteristics are as follows:
●There is bended edge at perimeter of metal sheet, which improves significantly its wind load resistance performance.
●There is sub frame at perimeter of metal sheet, and the sub frame can be positioned precisely by the back of metal sheet and connected stably to the bended edge area at perimeter of aluminum panel.
●Panel sub frame can be fixed to main keel by block. By adopting metal block for positioning and installation through fixed-distance press, the stable and safe connection, the flatness of the metal panel surface as well as the installation preciseness and quality can be achieved.
●Floating flexible connection is applied between sub frame of metal sheet perimeter and block, by which it can stretch freely in its plane when metal sheet is deformed due to temperature without flexure deformation appeared to ensure the external flatness of panel surface.



Open-Joint Metal Sheet Curtain Wall System

Metal sheet joint adopts open type, without sealant applied and a separate and completed sealing structure is set in the internal of curtain wall. The main technical characteristics are as follows:
●Metal sheet with clear grid line and joint with distinct stereo perception. Metal sheet same to sheet is applied in the panel joint, internal component is invisible, with good external visual effect.
●No sealant in joints, so that it can prevent the curtain wall surface from being polluted by silicone adsorbing dust.
●Double sealing structure with surface aluminum panel can form a quite completed sealing layer used as rain screen. It can prevent rain from going into internal of curtain wall, plus internal sealing layer and drainage system; it can ensure the system sealing performance and water proof reliability.
●Metal sheet components are connected to main keel by hanging type, the hanging device with blowout proof apparatus to ensure reliability of connecting.
●Easy to install, dismantle, maintain and replace.



Stone Stick Curtain Wall

Apply stone (including natural granite, holes stone, sandstone, and man-made stone, etc.) as sheet materials of structural member type curtain wall. The fixed method of stone mainly includes panel bolt style and supporting plate types, and the supporting plate type is made of full-length slot supporting plate and short slot supporting plate. According to the structure type of stone joints, it can be divided into fixed and joint fixing types. Supporting plate and outstanding head stone curtain wall can be made to fixed or joint fixing type as required. All kinds of stone structure types can apply to stone curtain wall in double-skin, unitized and semi-unitized curtain wall systems.


Closed Stone Curtain Wall

Apply sealant in the stone sheet joints, and form completed sealing system in the curtain wall sheet layer. The main technical characteristics are as follows:
●Apply specific stone sealant to fill the stone cladding sheet joints, which is easy to treat sealing area and to ensure its quality.
●As required, the stone joint sealant can be made an inserting type to improve the perspective of joints and the beauty of visual effect.
●System structure is simple and can be installed without any sequence, it is easy and convenient to install and operate.
●Stone sheet is removable separately, easy to maintain and replace.



Open-Joint Stone Curtain Wall

Stone sheet joint applies openable type, without any sealant applied. Set a separate and completed sealing structure in the internal of the curtain wall. The main technical characteristics are as follows:
●Stone sheet joint applies openable type, normally hollow joint, and also can apply stone lining back of joint. The stone sheet grid line is very clear with great perspective and beautiful visual effect.
●Since there is no sealant in joints, it can avoid curtain wall surface to be polluted through adsorbing dust by silicone seal.
●Double-layer sealing structure with stone sheet as rain screen. It can prevent rain from going into internal, internal sealing layer and drainage system of curtain wall; it can ensure the system sealing performance and water proof reliability.
●Stone is connected to keel by outstanding head or supporting plate type, easy to install and regulate with safe and stable connection.
●Convenient to install and remove, and easy to maintain and replace.


Supporting Block Stone Curtain Wall

Make slot in the top and bottom end plane of stone sheet, and install specified stone block in the slot, supporting sheets connect with curtain wall keel by bolt. The main technical characteristics are as follows:
●Supporting sheets connect with curtain wall keel by bolt, and the joints can be regulated slightly two times in three directions. With safe and stable connection and convenient installation, it is easy to ensure its installation preciseness and quality.
●According to the requirement of structure strength and bearing capacity, supporting sheet stone curtain wall is divided into two types, short slot type and long slot type.
●The material of short slot supporting sheet shall be stainless steel or high strength aluminum alloy profile; while long slot supporting sheet shall be used with high strength aluminum profile. Supporting sheet itself is high strength, being safe and reliable.
●The slot inside the stone will be filled with elastic materials, in order to avoid rigid contact between supporting sheet and stone. The system will be high seismic resistance and deformation resistance.
●Stone sheet can be dismantled separately with easy maintain and replacement operation.


Threaded-Cone Bolt Stone Curtain Wall (Yuanda ball socket threaded-cone bolt)

Threaded-cone bolt stone curtain wall applies with taper hole at the back of stone, the components of stone back-bolts are embedded in the holes, tighten the circle nut by special wrench, the steel ball is coming into the hole through the ball rack, firmly gripping between the rod and hole, formed new threaded –cone bolt system, The main technical features are as follows:
●The back-bolts are fixed to the stone mechanically, which becomes more safety and reliable connection.
●The steel ball is forced by three points, contact connected with stone.
●Because of contact connection, the rod with small-scale rotating, effective absoption and deformation.
●Practical application and vibration platform tests testify that the system has strong plane deformation performance and seismic ability.
●Easy and simple to install and handle, convenient with maintenance and replacement.

The back bolt system accepted for a national invention patent in November 2012, marking that Yuanda has its independent intellectual property rights in the field.



Artificial Sheet Stick Curtain Wall

Apply artificial sheet as sheet materials of stick curtain wall. Different kinds of artificial sheet will be connected with curtain wall keel in special fixing style. Most of joints of artificial sheet curtain wall are open. Each artificial sheet stick curtain wall structure style can be used for artificial sheet stick curtain wall in unitized curtain wall.


Terra Cotta Tile Curtain Wall

Terra Cotta tile is fired and made by natural terra cotta added with additive and color. Except for strip style, it can also be made into other section shape, which can be used as decorative component. The main technical characteristics of terra cotta tile curtain wall are as follows:
●Natural surface texture, simplicity generous, nice decorative effect.
●Surface can be treated with frit, similar with colored glaze appearance with simple and unsophisticated architectural effect.
●The installation hole on the keel will be precut in the factory with high precision and exact installation position.
●Easy to install and adjust panels, and convenient for maintenance and replacement.


Polycarbonate Sheet Curtain Wall

Polycarbonate sheet, namely PC sheet, also known as sunshine sheet, concludes solid core and hollow one, which specifies in many kinds of thickness. Hollow core PC sheet provides better capacity for heat insulation. Outstanding features are light weight, good transmission of light and etc. so that PC sheet usually is applied for skylight, also in vertical facade. The main technical characteristics of PC sheet Curtain Wall are as follows:
●Light weight, good rigidity, high strength, better lighting transmission indoors obtained.
●Similar to glass curtain wall, frame exposed, frame concealed and frame semi-concealed are types of their exterior forms.
●Hollow PC sheet used in frame concealed Curtain Wall, the edge of sheet is sealed by special technology to ensure sealing at joints.
●The perimeter of PC sheet is fixed on curtain wall keel connected by floating mode to ensure safely stability and flatness of appearance if PC sheet deforms greatly under various temperature condition.



Resin Sheet Curtain Wall

Resin panel is a kind of pressure panel made of wood fiber resin, which features light weight, good rigidity and flatness of high level. Resin panel may be applied for decorating indoors and outdoors. The main technical characteristics of Resin panel Curtain Wall are as follows:
●Special surface texture, high level flatness and best decorated effect.
●The sheet applies slot-formed connection, without contamination, with aesthetically decorative effect.
●Flexibly apply several fixing methods, e.g. exposed screws fixed, panel edge fixed and back-bolt fixed and etc.
●Easy and simple to install and handle, convenient for maintenance and replacement.



GRC Sheet Curtain Wall

GRC is short for Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement that is a hydraulic advanced composite material compressed by alkali-resistant glass fiber and low alkaline containing cement. Usually GRC finished products are composed of light flat panel, light hollow core bar and etc. with thickness of 60mm, 90mm, 120mm and etc. Also complicated mould can be made by special moulds. It suits for inner partition and construction outer wall. The main technical characteristics of GRC panel curtain wall are as follows:
●Unique facade effect, capable of any complicated forms of construction surface.
●Light weight, high strength, good toughness, anti-crack,fire proof, low temperature resistance, aging resistance.
●Shaping easily, perfect fabrication procedure; it can make various kinds of construction members and production with thin-wall and complicated shapes.
●Molding into any needed shapes by kinds of moulds.
●Fixed on curtain wall keel mechanically, easy to install and convenient to maintain.



Concrete Panel Curtain Wall

Concrete Curtain Wall also called clear water concrete hanged panel curtain wall which installs prefabricated concrete sheet with reinforced steel bar on keel fixed by prefabricate hanged members and brackets or directly installs on main construction structure. The main technical characteristics are as follows:
●Natural and simple texture, unique appearance.
●Either applying natural color of cement sheet or making required color by adding pigment, both can create different construction styles.
●The sheet surface can be glazed or make up whole elevation pattern with all kinds of patterns by inside recessed or outside projected.
●Flat panel surface, exquisite appearance, best decorated effect.
●The inside and outside surfaces are coated with protective painting which could avoid polluting of the panel.
●Generally when installed, apply larger sheet whose unit weight is more than ordinary one by special hoisting tools and corresponding hoisting techniques.